A Digital Nomad’s Backpacking Checklist

The task of trying to decide what to pack for your next big adventure can often become a stress-filled nightmare. Luckily the internet is full of backpacking checklists created by veteran travelers who have made the buying mistakes and overpacked trips for you.

A traveler doesn’t need much to roam the world nowadays; a week’s worth of clothes and a smartphone is all that’s required to have a good time.  However, a digital nomad (someone who earns their income online) requires slightly more gear, such as a larger camera or laptop to keep their business going. If you’re someone who isn’t working on the road and just want to know the basics, no worries. The essential gear for traveling anywhere in the world lies within this list.

This backpacking checklist is the product of years and countless dollars of trial and error. Most of the items lie on the pricier side, but that’s because they are high-quality and won’t break down on the road. I love my current setup so much that after a $9,000 theft in Ecuador, I bought most of the gear a second time (not without shedding a few tears of course).

In this checklist, you’ll also find gear that not many travelers carry.  Camping gear; which is at times a burden, but allows me to hop into any situation feet first and enjoy what I love the most; off the beaten path adventures.

Adventure & Packing Gear

A mixture of essential gear for adventure as well as some handy organization to keep everything in its place.

Travel Clothing

An obvious necessity to any backpacking checklist, unless you like being naked in public that is. If so let me know before we decide to hang out.

Digital Nomad Gear

My mobile command center that allows me to plan for adventures, binge movies, keep in touch with friends and family as well as run this blog.

Photo + Video Gear

By far the heaviest and most expensive gear in my pack, but it allows me to capture amazing moments and locations from around the World and share them here with you.

Miscellaneous Gear

A few odds and ends items that can be found in most traveler’s backpacks.

Time To Get Going

Now That you have figured out what gear to buy and have your backpack all strapped up and ready to go; it’s time to start planning your trip. Swing by my travel resources page to learn how to travel the world like a pro as well as the adventure travel blog for a complete list of crazy past adventures.

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