The Best Offline Map Apps For Travel

The Best Offline Map Apps For Travel

Having a map is a necessity when traveling into a new, unfamiliar territory, and no one wants to look like a nieve tourist. Offline map apps not only ensure that you won’t get lost but that you’ll look good doing it too.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been saved from walking into a sketchy situation or avoided a costly tourist trap just by using offline map apps. Having the right info in your pocket wherever you go; especially while trying to figure out a million other things, like where you’re going to sleep tonight; can mean the difference in spending ten dollars versus one-hundred.

To help save you some time and money I have put together a list of the best offline map apps on the market; the ones that I use every day.

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By far my favorite offline map app; Maps.Me tracks your location via GPS exceptionally well and takes less than a minute to download any country or city using wifi. It stores everything offline from restaurants and hotels to remote trails and tourist attractions. It is also the only offline map that I have found offering turn by turn directions.

Cost: Free         Download: Maps.Me

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I have been using this offline map app for years. Like Maps.Me it offers downloadable locations stored offline. The map interface has a topo background which makes it easier to track elevation while on the trail. You get a one country download with the free version and unlimited destinations with an upgrade to pro.

Cost: Free or $6.99 for Pro        Download: CityMaps2Go

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All Trails

This map app is great for planning any trip into the backwoods, with elaborate topo maps, pictures, and reviews of the type of adventure you’re getting yourself into. However, to make All Trails an offline map app, requires upgrading to Pro, but with features like creating your own map and different map layers; I believe it’s worth it.

Cost: Free or $2.50 / month for Pro       Download: All Trails

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This map app is a touch different than the rest. While it does offer offline map services; the crowdsourced travel guides are really what makes it stand out. Like a hand-held Lonely Planet guide; Triposo gives you a good idea of what your walking into with popular destinations, local weather, fair food and drink prices as well as accommodations reviews.

Cost: Free or $3.99 for Pro        Download: Triposo

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Google Maps

I know what you’re thinking. Google Maps is strictly an online map app. Well not to long ago Google decided to add the ability to download maps for offline use. The detail in these maps leaves much to be desired, but I think that with time these maps; utilizing the most powerful search engine in the world; will only improve.

Cost: Free        Download: Google Maps

Start Mapping

Now that you have some of the best offline map apps on the market; it’s time to start mapping. Find some inspiration, download your next destination, star your top places to visit and read reviews from other travelers who have been there.

If you’re stuck wondering how to start planning your next big adventure, no worries. Swing by the travel resources page for tips on finding cheap flights and accommodations, and many other tools that will help you travel like a pro.

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